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A small group dedicated to cosplay and especially to prop making

But Kitten has been hard at work on her prop for ACen’s Masquerade!

We still have so much left to do though. Plus we also need to make the hammer. And do more on the helmet.

We have been making lots of progress on both the commissions we have piled up, but also our own props. The costumes? Not so much. But we are most known for waiting until a couple days before the con before we even start on the cosplays. A habit we need to get out of.

Kitten is working really hard on her base for the Sealing Staff wand. We are very proud of her progress. And yes this is all made by a ten year old. We just show her how to use a tool and she does the rest.

Lucca commission progress. The helmet is slightly further along, we just don’t have an updated photo.

And sword progress from Tsubasa Chronicles.

There seems to be an influx of hate going on in the cosplay community again.

cosplay-gamers said: Thank you for using CosTrader :) If you have any questions you can let me know

You’re welcome. Hopefully I can get some items sold!

We are selling this and a couple other items over on Costrader.

Check them out here. Will be adding more items and maybe even some props in the future.

We have been really really busy with commissions the past few months. Besides the million bows we have been making, we have been commissioned for some Chrono Trigger props.

Kitten (formerly Bunny) has been working on her Sealing staff this past weekend. Small but steady progress has been made.

Well 2014 is almost here. So we have decided to take a look at some of our cosplays and props we have made this past year!

First up is the bow from CW’s Arrow. This has been by far, our most popular commissioned item. And one of our favourite to make.

Next up would be The Colt from Supernatural. Made as a commission to go with a friend’s Dean Winchester cosplay.

This was actually finished in 2012, but we didn’t get pictures of it until this year. So it kinda counts? Ice Queen from Adventure Time.

Our one group cosplay was from Borderlands 2 with our good friend Jill. It is by far the most revealing costume I have worn in a few years. I’m not comfortable with my weight, so this was a hard costume for me to wear.

And last but not least, Kitten’s Cure White cosplay. This earned her Runner-up in Novice at ACen. Plus landed her one of the Arda Wig sewing machines. And yes, she made it all herself. (With the exception of the pleats. Prop pleated a strip of fabric from her and she sewed them on.)

Here is to 2014 and hoping we can improve on our props and cosplays, plus get maybe one or two more done this year than we did last year.

The shape is finally starting to come out! Bunny is doing an amazing job so far!

The shape is finally starting to come out! Bunny is doing an amazing job so far!

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