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A small group dedicated to cosplay and especially to prop making

Well I was waiting for the pictures from Fotaku to come in. But I’m tired of waiting, so have a teaser picture from a mini shoot we did with Kitten ourselves. Kitten worked hard on both her costume and prop (yes she made them both) She won a judge’s choice at ACen with this cosplay.

Cosplayer: Kitten-hime

Photographer: Omni

Series: Cardcaptor Sakura

This is a hammer from RWBY that we made as an emergency commission. Story below.

Right before ACen, we received a message from a friend of a friend. This cosplayer had commissioned another prop maker to make her a hammer from RWBY. I won’t say how much she paid for it, but it was quite a lot. She received the hammer unfinished and broken. It was a long shot, but she had been told about us through our mutual friend. She asked us if we could take on this emergency commission and after hearing her story, we couldn’t turn her down. The catch was, she needed it done and back to her within a month. 

Comparison of our hammer (unfinished at that point) next to the hammer the cosplayer had originally received and mailed to us.

The cosplayer mailed us her prop, with the hopes that we would be able to fix what she had received. She wasn’t expecting a brand new prop. She just wanted what she had received to be passable. But when we received the item in the mail, we knew there was no way we would be able to even fix it up. We were beyond disgusted.The fact that that commissioner thought it was ok to charge an outrageous amount for a prop that they couldn’t even finish was mind blowing.  Our prop, isn’t up to our normal standards. But we made sure to at least give her as nice a quality prop as we possibly could in our time frame while also working on other commissions.

My Anastasia cosplay is hating me right now and is not progressing at all. So I started working on Hikaru for Kitten. Still have a billion things to do on Anna and Kitten has a bazillion things to finish for Sakura. But hey some progress!

The Chrono Trigger props are finally done! Just waiting for the customer to get back to us to answer a question before we can ship them out! Each item will get its own post eventually where I will talk about materials. But look how beautiful each one is! Look for them at Anime North!

So much progress and yes still so much to do.

** The beak is just a stand-in from one of Kitten’s bad casts. We are trying to avoiding fingerprint smudges and possible scratches on the final version until the last minute possible.

But Kitten has been hard at work on her prop for ACen’s Masquerade!

We still have so much left to do though. Plus we also need to make the hammer. And do more on the helmet.

We have been making lots of progress on both the commissions we have piled up, but also our own props. The costumes? Not so much. But we are most known for waiting until a couple days before the con before we even start on the cosplays. A habit we need to get out of.

Kitten is working really hard on her base for the Sealing Staff wand. We are very proud of her progress. And yes this is all made by a ten year old. We just show her how to use a tool and she does the rest.

Lucca commission progress. The helmet is slightly further along, we just don’t have an updated photo.

And sword progress from Tsubasa Chronicles.

There seems to be an influx of hate going on in the cosplay community again.

cosplay-gamers said: Thank you for using CosTrader :) If you have any questions you can let me know

You’re welcome. Hopefully I can get some items sold!

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